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  • Appointments are not required to attend the Club.
  • All members and guests must show proof of double vaccination status accompanied by matching ID.
  • Contactless check in at Reception is required via The Rosedale Club Member App. (Available in your app store: Search “Rosedale Club”).
  • An identification picture must be on file for every member. Should your picture not accompany your member profile, a photograph must be added before proceeding to work out. This is mandatory and is being done to support the security of our members and to aid in Contract Tracing, should it be required.
  • Capacity limitations have been removed; however a physical distance of at least two metres must be maintained from others outside your households, as per Toronto Public Health Guidelines for ‘indoor gatherings’.
  • All employees and staff are required to wear appropriate Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Members are required to wear a face mask upon entry and at all times except while not ‘actively working out’ or participating in a group fitness session. This includes, but is not limited to, entering/exiting the club, entering/exiting studios, retrieving or returning studio equipment used for group training sessions, entering/exiting and while in changerooms).
  • Showers and designated sinks will be available for use. Only large towels will be available.
  • Personal towels are not permitted to enter the club.
  • Personal Bags must be placed in a locker as Gym bags are not permitted on the Gym Floor or in either studio. The space above the lockers is not to be used to store any personal items.
  • Personal Yoga Mats are required as the shared Yoga mats have been removed.
  • Cardio equipment will be limited to every second piece in order to maintain social distancing protocols.
  • Cleaning efforts have been increased to maintain a clean, confident environment.
  • Members must clean equipment before and after use. (Personal spray bottle provided). There will be Rosedale Club staff dedicated to cleaning equipment, however, we all need to diligently participate in this cleaning effort to protect ourselves and each other.
  • Group Fitness Studios will have each member space clearly marked. No session will involve the sharing of equipment or movement that requires a member to leave their ‘spot’. A minimum of 15 minutes between each session will be allotted to ensure members have adequate time to wipe down and put away all equipment and exit without experiencing a crossover with members attending the next session.
  • Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and is under constant review.
It cannot be understated, the importance that you constantly monitor your personal health. Should you feel unwell in any way, or experience any Corona Virus like symptoms, please stay home and seek medical advice on how to proceed.
Thank you. In Health
Rosedale Club